Achilles Initiative


- Your timeline has been altered. You are lost in a deep space where you do not belong. Your mission is to return to the past, in order to fix the present.


This serious V.R. game was developed in collaboration with and for the Dutch Ministry of Defence. It's designed to aid veterans in combating their Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, or P.T.S.D. in short.

The game promoted an exciting new experimental treatment called 3.M.D.R. supported by a treatment paper I had the honor of co-authoring.

By playing Achilles Initiative the patient greatly excels the cognitive focus and enhances the necessary experience of stress by having both body and mind challenged with an immersive virtual reality simulation.


This game was nominated for both the 2014 SPIN awards, as the Accenture Innovation awards. During that time, I was personally trained in public speaking by no-one other but Gin Robercheuten, one of the co-founders of the aclaimed advertisement agency, Media Monks.

The leading doctor and colonel that invented the 3.M.D.R. threatment, went on to write another book, called: "Dit spel verandert je leven", in which I am thanked for my assited insights on applied game design.

  • Developed by 9Vision, exclusive for the CAREN V.R. operating system.
  • Comissioned by the Dutch Ministry of Defence at the Utrecht University of the Arts in 2013.
  • I was the Lead Designer and worked on desinging V.R. game challenges that both enhanced the working of the treatment and were meant to entertain the player.
  • I also designed various 3D levels and spacial challenges.
  • I wrote the story and designed the V.R. narrative experience.


What is 3.M.D.R.

A video we produced to explain the treatment that the game was based on.

Research paper

Development of a theory-based applied game for the treatment of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

SPIN award presentation

The presentation I did for the 2014 SPIN awards.

Vimeo page

The official 9Vision vimeo page hosting various relative videos.