Prison Escape


- Do you have what it takes to escape a real prison?


At Prison Escape players play the leading role in their own escape story. Locked up in the unique Dutch dome prison, the colossal Boschpoort in Breda. They and 350 fellow prisoners all have the same goal: escape.

Players immerse themselves in the cinematic experience that comes with their own prison escape. The grand real life decor and the 80 interactive actors create the unforgettable scene. Guards keep a close eye on everyone, prisoners smuggle goods across the cells and all are under the constant watch of the enigmatic director de Keizer. Story, gameplay and physical immersion coming together.


Next to Prison Escape Breda there are several other (Prison) Escape Games and Real Life games organised by the organisation.

The game has different ways of escape. Attention and creativity are rewarded, those who actively seek freedom can end up in surprising situations. This makes the experience unique for every participant.

The release of Season 2 was inevitably postponed due to the outbreak of COVID 19.

  • Writer for Season 2
  • Created and developed the major antagonist, “Daughter of de Keizer
  • Wrote character docs, dialogues and promotional screenplay in WriterDuet
  • Co-developed narrative elements for Prison Escape Doetinchem in their writers room


The official website for the experience.