General Terms and Conditions

The Contractor chiefly strives to enter into a pleasant, honest Agreement with the Client with the goal of jointly striving for the realisation of the best possible product.

To achieve this, the Client and the Contractor will: communicate openly with each other; give each other the space to each perform their Work and show understanding for human errors;   help each other where necessary; treat everyone's intellectual rights with respect;   install moments of rest if one is overtaken by force majeure;   plan and act with compassion concerning the financial -and time costs of the Work;   pay the right amounts within the right time frame;   if this is not possible due to unexpected financial circumstances, communicate this in an open and timely manner and postpone the Assignment until circumstances permit it again;   not consciously, intentionally or recklessly hamper the Work and therefore also behave professionally during Work;   not demand Agreements that can not be terminated within reasonable periods; provide the right information and equipment required to perform the Assignment as best as possible and finally;   not obstruct each other from acquiring new Assignments outside of this one.   In the event of a dispute, the Client and the Contractor will always first try to resolve it in person and in writing. If clarification does not solve anything, the agreements in these general terms and conditions and those in the employment contract will come into use.