Vala, or The Four Zoas

This is the Dirge of Eno which shook the heavens with wrath
And thus beginneth the Book of Vala which Whosoever reads
If with his Intellect he comprehend the terrible Sentence
The heavens shall quake, the earth shall move & shudder & the mountains
With all their woods, the streams & valleys: wail in dismal fear

William Blake was a English Poet, painter and printmaker. Largely unrecognised during is lifetime. But in modern life he is revealed to be the prophet of his own mythopoeia. And though I know only very little of his work, it has a grip on my imagination because of the sheer detail he has put in his Cabalistic revelations.

The legacy of his work is comprised by a great series of poems, illustrations of his visions and even several books recording the creation and inner working of all things. Referred to as “nights”, these books outline the interactions of the Zoas, their fallen forms and their Emanations. But dissatisfied by his work, Blake abandoned the effort in 1807, leaving it unfinished and unengraved.

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