The Reward

What is the greatest reward of any adventure?
That is the subject explored in this fun little animation by Danish animation studio, The Animation Workshop.

The style of storytelling is reminiscent of Japanese animated series, where long over exposed movements are mixed with quick and witty screens, meant to invoke a hearty laughter with the audience.
Not all too shy on action scenes, blood and the female body, The Reward is a fun animation invoking laughs, tears and the occasional F*-Yeah experience that should be inherent of every adventure.

Following the adventure of two misfits who chance upon the chance of a life-time and venture upon a quest for great booty.
What keeps them together? What can they learn from each other? And what drives them apart when the shit hits the van?
It’s a great study of what makes adventure stories exciting and fun for everybody.

The Reward from The Animation Workshop on Vimeo.